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JQA Makes it Easier for Clients to Manage Talent Acquisition and Retention

We provide clients with direct access to procure services in assessment and development on our secure portal. Services in Executive Assessment and development are selected from drop-down boxes and Clients track progress from placing the order through to delivery. Our investment in technology allows clients to determine whether they are making measurable progress towards meeting their Strategic Human Resource Development Objectives. Talent assessment outcomes are archived and accessible for further research providing data for reporting progress on meeting strategic milestones. This helps clients answer questions about their ROI for assessment and development activities. Are your ambitions to transform the culture of the organisation being achieved? If in doubt, why not use our process?

JQA Customer Survey Results – Impressive Satisfaction Levels​

JQA Customer Satisfaction Survey

JQA has been growing rapidly over the last 24 months. Success aside, we wanted to make sure that we are still delivering at the highest level, so we decided to ask our customers about their experience working with us.


We rolled out a customer survey to our biggest client – a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index and a global multinational company. We could not have been happier with the results, which speak for themselves.

We were extremely pleased that the client response was positive. Working on received suggestions for areas of improvement and focusing on development areas will be a top priority at our upcoming conference this October. The annual conference will be attended by our valued Associates and representatives from the client base.

JQA Social Commitment

Financial and active support of Community Outreach Programs.

JQA review our charitable giving each year at the end of our financial year. This last year we were privileged to work with a number of outstanding charities who are providing community uplift programs of the highest quality. As Psychologists, we have a deep commitment to early start education, community mental health initiatives and the like.

As a result of client support in regularly using our services, JQA has been able to provide financial and active tangible commitment to charities supporting the most vulnerable in society, particularly in South Africa, where little progress has been made in creating equity or opportunity. In reviewing our performance at the end of our financial year, we are supporting the following charities who do excellent work in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Tanzania, Ecuador, and Peru.

Harrogate Homeless Project As charity starts at home, there are needs even in affluent societies in North Yorkshire. We support the Harrogate Homeless project on our doorstep which does excellent work responding to the immediate crisis and developing life skills which re-integrate homeless people back into society, giving them a fresh start.

Wellspring Therapy and Training A charity which contributes to mental health and psychological wellbeing, which has been particularly active during the Covid-19 pandemic on “pay as you are able basis.”

IN2OUT A charity which supports the rehabilitation of young offenders.

Artizan International which works at grassroots teaching life skills and creating work opportunities for the mentally and physically “differently abled” people who are often treated as unworthy in less developed countries like Peru, Ecuador and Tanzania. Their artifacts are marketed effectively, creating self-supporting communities.

Knysna Education Trust including the Learning Tree which provides excellent preschool development for under privileged children. As Psychologists we are passionate about helping children to meet their full potential. We deplore the tragedy of lost opportunities to tap into the natural talent of ALL children whose cognitive growth for the first six years of life is of paramount importance in shaping their future careers. The SA government has not yet set this as a priority; hence business needs to adopt the challenge if they hope to contribute to employment equity in the workforce in South Africa in future.

Hands and Heart and Options aiming to eradicate poverty through skills development for school leavers or those who drop out of education. Options provides vital care for victims of rape, abuse or are in the grip of a life crisis because of schoolgirl pregnancies.

St George’s Restoration and Community Outreach Projects. We have contributed to the restoration and maintenance of historic buildings and to the work of the St George’s community in the Western Cape, South Africa constituent of the this