Identifying the best people in your work context.

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Leadership Development

Developing leaders who make a sustainable difference.

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Engagement & Wellbeing

Building engagement rather than presenteeism.

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Leaders in Leadership Assessment and Development

JQ Associates are Business Psychologists and Business Consultants who contribute to your success by supporting your organisation with expertise in Organisational Development and People Development.

We do so by:

  1. Identifying the best people for roles in your organisation so that they contribute effectively, develop their potential, and build a legacy which enables you to be a leader in your business sector.
  2. Obtaining excellent diagnostic data using modern, professional assessment tools to deliver accurate, in-depth profiles on your people.
  3. Providing you with acknowledged experts who have the requisite work experience in a range of organisations to design processes for Talent Management, Succession Planning, Competency Frameworks, and Human Resource Management Systems.
  4. Understanding your unique requirements; linking these to our expertise in the assessment and development of talent, executive coaching and career management services which ensure future business success in your context.

Philipp Schindler – Google VP Northern and Central Europe:

“One main reason for Google’s success is the amount of effort we put into selecting the best people who fit with our approach to business.”

Speech at Institute of Directors – London 25th Nov 2009

Quality tools & expertise produce quality solutions

We are able to guarantee service excellence through bringing together  top quality business consultants who use the best available tools. These include:

  • Unique profiling methods which match the abilities of people to the demands of different work environments.
  • Measures of personality and temperament such as the Neo Personality Inventory, OPQ, 16PF5, and Hogan Development Survey which look at the “bright side” and “dark side” of personality.
  • Measures which benchmark and profile your leaders and identify their development needs.
  • Diagnostic measures such as the Employee Wellbeing Survey, which identify danger areas relating to stress and psychological health of employees.
  • Assessment and Development Centres and 360 degree tools built around a competency framework we develop for your organisation.

The Associate Model

When clients contract with professionals for the delivery of services in executive assessment and development, they want to do so with a party that they can trust to provide a high level of professionalism, continuity and stability.

The “Associate Model” for delivering professional services has a number of potential advantages over other commercial company structures when it comes to “Business Continuity”. While one Associate may have the primary relationship with a client, others of equal stature and capability are available to be drawn in to provide services. At the same time, each Associate is a business resource in their own right, responsible for generating revenue, managing their own costs and delivering services autonomously.

Unlike professional firms which employ grades of junior and senior professionals and therefore need to carry overheads relating to premises, equipment and staff costs, the Associate model is much more robust at any point in the economic cycle.

Clients who use JQA are assured that they are serviced by highly qualified and experienced professionals. There is less risk of fluctuating service levels or lack of continuity than contracting with companies which are subject to take over, downsizing, deskilling or disposal.