Organisation Development

Improving the return on human capital investment

For organisations to prosper and adapt to change they have to develop competencies which enable continuous development. These competencies include:

  • The ability to extract and respond to useful information
  • The capacity to make effective decisions on the basis of information
  • Skills in engaging with staff , customers and shareholders at the level of core values and beliefs
  • The ability to implement effective performance management, job evaluation and other HR management systems
  • Competencies in managing projects and programmes which transform the values and culture of the organisation.

The challenge

To help top H R professionals achieve success in exercising board level influence so that they contribute effectively to managing strategic HR initiatives. Aligning the HR strategy with the overall vision of the organisation presents a number of challenges but the pay-off is a massive contribution to creating value for the organisation by generating high returns on human capital investment.

What we offer

Our consultants are qualified to undertake high level thinking challenges and have many years experience in a variety of sectors in organisational development programmes. We make no prior assumptions but work with you to identify and carefully analyse your needs. These are some of the areas where we have conducted successful transformation programmes, which have made a measurable improvement:

  • Strategies for Business Recovery
  • Customer Focus and Business Transformation
  • Strategies for Diversity and Equal Opportunity
  • Values and Culture Change Programmes