The NEO Personality Inventory

The NEO PI is rated by research psychologists as the benchmark survey against which other personality surveys are measured. The five factor model gives psychologists a clear picture of the core dimensions of personality and the facets provide the detail underpinning each factor:

A list of the personality dimensions measured by the NEO PI-R, including facets, is as follows:

  1. Emotional Stability
    1. Anxiety
    2. Hostility
    3. Depression
    4. Self-Consciousness
    5. Impulsiveness
    6. Vulnerability to Stress
  2. Extraversion
    1. Warmth
    2. Gregariousness
    3. Assertiveness
    4. Activity
    5. Excitement Seeking
    6. Positive Emotion
  3. Openness to experience
    1. Fantasy
    2. Aesthetics
    3. Feelings
    4. Actions
    5. Ideas
    6. Values
  4. Agreeableness
    1. Trust
    2. Straightforwardness
    3. Altruism
    4. Compliance
    5. Modesty
    6. Tendermindedness
  5. Conscientiousness
    1. Competence
    2. Order
    3. Dutifulness
    4. Achievement Striving
    5. Self-Discipline
    6. Deliberation

Data obtained from the application of the NEO PI provides a comprehensive understanding of personality and in the hands of our expert Psychologists, we are able to provide the appropriate guidance and advice to individuals or client organisations.