Career Enablers

Having potential for career development is one thing, but managing to climb the “greasy pole” without slipping is quite another challenge.

“The wheel of fortune turns round incessantly and who can say, ‘I shall today be uppermost’.” – Confucius.

It is estimated that about 50% of managers experience career derailment or fail to achieve their true potential. Some of the causes will be unavoidable circumstances but many problems could be foreseen, prepared for and avoided.

JQA provide confidential professional support for people who need career coaching to unleash their potential or make complex career choices.

Self-awareness is a key enabler when it comes to career development. We provide the tools so that executives can know where their talents lie and where they need to invest energy in order to make up for those aptitudes and attributes which are not current strengths.

In any work context, reading the political climate and developing organisational savvy is a vital component of success. In any context, there will be people who are well disposed or natural allies, some who are natural enemies or detractors and a majority who are neutral. Forming effective networks and leveraging the available support is another vital career enabler for those who want fast track careers.