Career De-railers - the Dark Side

One of the most important determinants of happiness and stability in life is the quality of the emotional core of a person. Some people have the good fortune to have a strong sense of emotional wellbeing while others have had a much more turbulent emotional history in which their needs have not been met in a consistent way.

Blind spots and lack of awareness of ones Shadow or Dark Side often lie at the centre of repeated interpersonal conflict, dysfunctional relationships and failure for otherwise highly talented people. Repeating mistakes of the past is not the inevitable fate of people who want to find ways of changing outcomes.

The distinctive aspects of our personality are often the source of our success, but some traits can be taken to excess and can be our undoing. The diagnostic tool: Hogan Development Survey is the product of many years research by Robert and Joyce Hogan. It provides a solid basis for understanding how the Dark Side of personality functioning can cause interpersonal strain and career derailment. You can complete the Hogan Development Survey online and receive a narrative report by contacting us.

The eleven scales are:

Excitable moody, easily annoyed, hard to please, and emotionally volatile
Sceptical distrustful, cynical, sensitive to criticism, and focused on the negative
Cautious unassertive, resistant to change, risk-averse, and slow to make decisions
Imperceptive aloof, indifferent to the feelings of others, and uncommunicative
Leisurely overtly cooperative, but privately irritable, stubborn, and uncooperative
Bold overly self-confident, arrogant, with inflated feelings of self-worth
Mischievous charming, risk-taking, limit-testing and excitement-seeking
Colourful dramatic, attention-seeking, interruptive, and poor listening skills
Imaginative creative, but thinking and acting in unusual or eccentric ways
Diligent meticulous, precise, hard to please, and tends to micromanage
Dutiful eager to please and reluctant to act independently or against popular opinion

Our associates are equipped with the ability to identify the source of the problem and provide solutions such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching in order to minimise the impact of past emotional hurts.