Employee Engagement Surveys & Research

Understanding what staff and customers really think

What do your employees really feel about their work? Are there much better ways to conduct business? How do your customers experience your service? We help you cut out the guesswork by designing a reliable survey to get the right information. Reliable, representative information on these issues can mean the difference between effective management and simply going through the motions. If you want to know how your organisation can improve its performance – ask your staff and your customers.

For organisations to prosper and adapt to change they have to develop competencies which enable continuous development. These competencies include:

  • Skills in engaging with staff , customers and shareholders at the level of core values and beliefs
  • The ability to extract and respond to targeted research
  • The capacity to make effective decisions on the basis of information
  • The ability to implement effective performance management, job evaluation and other HR management systems
  • Competencies in managing projects and programmes which transform the values and culture of the organisation Link to Business Improvement

There are a number of barriers to communication and understanding in organisations. The truth is that people do not communicate freely and there are many barriers to overcome.

These are some of them:

  • The distance between managers and staff is an essential feature for exercising control.
  • Group or peer pressures at work mean that staff cannot talk freely to management.
  • There are real and imagined risks associated with "telling it as it is".

To obtain useful information from customers, you need expertise in designing the right questions and conducting research on a basis that guarantees confidentiality.

What We Offer

  • A valid and reliable means of understanding what staff or customers think by conducting confidential online or postal surveys.
  • Expertise in constructing opinion or attitude surveys, which get at the real issues.
  • Significantly reducing risk by using a reliable way of predicting likely responses to proposed changes before they are adopted.
  • A means of establishing the degree to which your people are engaged with your mission and goals.
  • A means of conducting Risk Reviews that comply with the Health & Safety Executive requirements.
  • A means of tracking changes over time and evaluating the impact of new policies and programmes.
  • Management tools that avoid guesswork and allow you to make well informed decisions.

Human Resource Strategies

What we offer

We provide guidance on strategy and implementation of programmes for attaining your Human Resource and Organisational Development objectives. Our approach starts with the use of high quality diagnostics to confirm the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Our consultants have many years experience working with Big Five Consultancy Firms, serving clients in a variety of sectors. We make no prior assumptions but work with you to identify and carefully analyse your needs. These are some of the areas where we have conducted successful transformation programmes, which have made a measurable improvement:

  • Business Recovery Programmes
  • Customer Focus and Business Transformation Programmes
  • Equal Opportunity Programmes
  • Diversity Management Programmes

Where do I find out more?

Please outline your needs to info@jqassociates.com for a quotation on training, software and reports. The CPP can be used in assessments conducted by our consultants or your HR staff can be trained to use CPP within your company.

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